Facebook Business Pages are changing!

If you’re not aware, you soon will be, that Facebook has changed business pages to the Timeline layout.  The biggest change is that you can no longer send people to your default home page.  So if you have an html welcome page, when someone goes to your new Timeline layout Facebook business page, they will not see it.  You can still have these pages on your FB business page but people will need to click on the link from the sidebar in order to view the html pages.  The Timeline layout does allow you to have a “cover image”.  There are some restrictions for the cover image though.

Marketing Guru Donna Gunter (http://www.getmoreclientsonline.com/) says:

Yep, that’s right. Facebook has new rules for the cover image of business pages. No pricing information, no discount/promo information, no website address, no contact info (including email/phone), no attempts to encourage them to like your page………

What’s the rationale?  Facebook provides you with pages free of charge, and if you want to promote/advertise they want you to buy their programs. i.e. ads.

Here are some more articles that should help you navigate the changes….

  • Social Media Examiner outlines the major changes  here.
  • John Jantsch discusses how to best optimize your Facebook page from a marketing perspective  here.
  • Here’s a great post from Hubspot on how to update your business page  here.
  • Here’s a great post on creative ways to create your timeline profile pic from Ching Ya  here.
  • Denise Wakeman has posted some graphic design resources for creating your timeline profile image  here.
  • Amy Porterfield just did a teleclass on the changes, which you can access  here

You can also have a thumbnail image but not the badge or banner on the left side of your page.  You might want to place an image of yourself or something that brands your business here.

Let me know if you have any questions about all this and I’m happy to help.

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