Site Update & Backup

How to safely & successfully backup your WordPress site and update your WordPress platform, template and plug-ins!


  • Do you get anxious every time you see that WordPress has a new update?
  • Afraid you might crash your site if you attempt an update or backup?
  • Are you completing the updates but not backing up your site and taking a chance that your “site will be okay”?

These are all things that go through your head everytime you see the banner for a new updated version of the WordPress platform.

It never ceases to surprise me how some bloggers don’t upgrade (I’ve been guilty, too). Yes, it can be inconvenient and a bit time consuming especially if you rigorously do the prep including disabling all plugins.

Yet the consequences for not doing it can be catastrophic. So it’s worth the time invested.

There are two possible outcomes and I see this happen too often:

(A) You see that a plug-in you use needs to be updated and you figure you can do that update, but instead it breaks your site. You get a white screen when you go to your page and can’t even get to the login page. Or (B) Hackers take down your site.

Here’s an easy PROVEN solution and for a limited time at a fabulous, no brainer price!

What you get:

  1. Personal training, guidance, or performance of the update of your site by Kim McDaniels.
    • You’ll schedule some time with Kim to create backup folders, install a backup plugin, and perform the backup and update with you. Don’t want to know how to DIY this? Then Kim will do it all and you still have the instructions to refer to later.
  2. You’ll be able to perform this task from now on because of the Complete Guide to WordPress Update and Backup instructional pdf.
  3. Access to Kim for any future questions or problems if you decide to DIY it!

For a limited time introductory price of $47!

valued at $147

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