Kim McDaniels the iBiz Design DuchessSo you’re interested in marketing your business with digital marketing?

Hi! I’m Kim, digital marketer, owner, designer, idea queen, with more than twenty years of experience in administrative support, sales, marketing, and event planning in a variety of industries…construction, banking, real estate, mortgage, retail, and law. I was one of the first graduates of AssistU at the beginning of the virtual “home based business” trend.  I started this business to have more flexibility and freedom, little realizing the impact I would have on others…virtually.

Loving history, antiques and restoring old houses are passions but the delight in technology makes these things possible. Very soon I can see myself in a beach community while old man winter rages back in Missouri.

Interested in interviewing me?  Here’s my guest interview info, if you’d like to interview me sometime!