Meet Kim

Kim McDaniels 2024So you’re interested in marketing your business with digital marketing?

Hi! I’m Kim, a seasoned content creator, repurposer, and social media strategist. I specialize in crafting engaging reels and posts tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. With a foundation rooted in my journey as a tech virtual assistant 24 years ago, I’ve honed the art of transforming and revitalizing your content—a true magician at work.

Looking for social media management for your business? My specializations are marketing mental health professionals & coaches, food creators, local brick/mortar, and organizers. I’ve worked with every type of coach (one was coaching magicians!), real estate both residential & commercial, local brick & mortar, organizers, and travel professionals.

The Adventures of Binky Bob | Binky Bob's Christmas Tale: A Pawsitively Magical Holiday at Mistletoe ManorIn 2023 I authored my first book titled “The Adventures of Binky Bob | Binky Bob’s Christmas Tale: A Pawsitively Magical Holiday at Mistletoe Manor”. My buddy Angel was my inspiration and I intend to write more Binky Bob adventures in 2024!

Interested in interviewing me?  Here’s my guest interview info, if you’d like to interview me sometime! It’s a bit dated but still relevant.