What is a 30 minute “Tell-all?”
Simple, you schedule 30 minutes of my time and we talk about your business and then we decide if we want to go forward talking, learning, consulting.

I LOVE talking about these subjects:

=>E-Newsletters and Lists:
▪️ Six Weeks to Six Months of Content for your Newsletter, Blog & Social Media
▪️ Fortify the foundation of your business with newsletters
▪️ Creating a lead magnet that people want. It begins by knowing your prospective customer.
▪️ Need more online reviews? Try this simple follow-up email.
=>Social Media:
▪️ Social Media Essentials and Optimization
▪️ Selling within a group or on Clubhouse
▪️ Hashtags? What, Why and how to use them.
▪️ Selling on Facebook Live
▪️ How to use Facebook groups to grow your newsletter list
=>Expand Your Marketing with:
▪️ Newsletters
▪️ Google My Business
:: Claiming and Optimizing Your Listing
:: How to Use GMB to Increase Visibility
▪️ Influencers & Referral Partners
▪️ HARO (Help a Reporter Out)
▪️ Mobile Texting
▪️ Media Kit development and how to use effectively

Fortifying the Foundation of Your Business:
▪️ Creating an Emergency Plan for your Business
▪️ Prepare for a New Normal
:: Delivering your product or expertise virtually
:: Online Presence, Can you continue to do business?
▪️ Offline to Online Selling
:: Tools to use in creating an online store
:: Selling gift cards from your website

Pivoting or Other Ways to Make Money:
▪️ Making money as an expert, consultant, or teacher
▪️ Using your hidden talents & expertise to make money or enhance your business
▪️ Live online teaching, workshops, intensives
▪️ Podcast and Clubhouse interviews
▪️ Learn From Us Downloads
:: eBooks, podcasts, guides, membership groups, DIY courses

Find a consultant that understands the small business world and how-to make life easier! Let’s do 30 minutes together, you can pick my brain, discover the elements I use in my business or my clients’, and do a deep dive into your business. What questions might you have?
It’s easy to schedule some time by going to https://go.oncehub.com/KimMcDaniels