• The Tale of the Vanishing Nav Bar

    🌟✨ The Tale of the Vanishing Nav Bar ✨🌟 Once upon a time, my client’s website faced a navigation bar challenge on mobile devices. With a sprinkle of CSS magic, I transformed the site for a seamless user experience. Want to see how we did it? Swipe through the carousel! 👉 Remember, sometimes a bit […]

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  • Run don’t Walk for these ChatGPT Prompts

    SEO [Social Media Management, Content Repurposing, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Engagement Strategies, Online Presence, Social Media Strategy, Local Business Marketing, Social Media Consultant, Passive Income.]

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  • Content Repurposing MAGIC

    Content Repurposing Magic | Kim McDaniels

    I get this question all the time: I have a blog and content just sitting there. What can I do with it? 💖 Repurposing blog content is an excellent strategy to extend the value and reach of your existing content. It allows you to present your ideas in different formats and cater to a broader […]

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  • SMART content, a step-by-step guide for social media success

    SMART Content | Kim McDaniels Co.

    ğŸŽ¯ Ready to make your content work smarter, not harder? Discover the power of SMART content! From setting specific goals to achieving measurable results, our latest guide has everything you need to transform your social media strategy. 🚀✨ Dive into our comprehensive guide on SMART content repurposing and start transforming your social media strategy today! […]

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  • 5 Ideas to Keep the Weekend Social Media Game Strong

    5 Ideas to Keep the Weekend Social Media Game Strong | Kim McDaniels

    For any business! These should keep the weekend buzz going strong and engaging for any business. Happy posting! Your favorite magician…Kim xxo———————————SEO [mental health marketing, bed and breakfast marketing, local business marketer, content repurposing magic, content strategy, maintain consistency, organize your social media content, social media content pillars] 

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  • 5 Steps to get your Google Business Profile in tip-top shape

    How many times do you find yourself Googling something? Hey savvy business owners!🌟 Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? Your Google Business Profile could be the game-changer you need to attract more customers and boost your sales. Imagine your business shining at the top of search results, standing out […]

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  • Summer Social Media

    5 Sizzling Ideas ğŸŒžReady to sprinkle some summer magic into your social media content? Here are some sizzling ideas to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more: 🏖️ Summer Themes: Think about what makes summer special—beaches, barbecues, vacations, and sunny days. Craft posts around these themes with vibrant visuals. Share tips on summer […]

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  • World Environment Day

    World Environment Day, utilizing UGC | Kim McDaniels

    How to utilize UGC (user-generated content) Today is World Environment Day! Content & Caption: REmix (or share) this reel to your social media with a caption containing your thoughts about how you or your business is taking care of your own little piece of the earth. Music: You can add your music choice & style Tag: […]

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  • Unleash the power of ChatGPT for social media brilliance

    Unleash the power of ChatGPT for social media brilliance | Kim McDaniels

    5 POSSIBILITIES! Unleash the full potential of AI with ChatGPT and transform your captions, hashtags, and SEO strategy effortlessly! Don’t just keep up with the trends—set them!Get started today and revolutionize your online presence! Kim 💋——————————SEO: [digital marketing, online learning, social media strategy, course offering, e learning, marketing tools, digital products, business success, passive income, […]

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  • March 19th: First Day of Spring!

    Seasonal Social Media Optimization + Toolkit | Kim McDaniels

    Spring Clean Your Social Media Image and Start Fresh on the First Day of Spring! It’s important to give your business social profiles a thorough check 2 or 3 times a year. Consider the shifts in seasons, the evolving social landscape, and the changes you’ve undergone. It’s crucial that your profile accurately represents the current […]

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