The Art of Content Curation: 3 Tips for Finding, Expressing, & Posting

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The Art of Content Curation: 3 Tips for Finding, Expressing, & Posting

Sorry, I’m not much of a writer and I’m fine with that. I think everyone feels that occasionally, maybe all the time. But that shouldn’t prohibit you from creating content for your blog and social media.

Curating content is the process of distributing other people’s content that your ideal client finds informative, helpful, downright vital to their business. And it makes you look like an expert! How? By providing your ‘peeps’ with curated content, or information you find important to them, you are the person they will turn to for help and business.

Curating content also provides you with the opportunity to put your ‘spin’ on articles/info as well as fills the void of ‘what to post’. Put your personality into it!

Tip #1: Finding the content to curate

There is so much information out there and the authors LOVE it when you help them go viral! My two favorite places… Google Alerts and It’s simple, pick a topic or interest then post to your social media or blog for your followers. Add a sassy little comment that will entice them to read, and don’t forget a hashtag!

Example: Let’s say I post every Monday with information about mobile marketing (which I do by the way on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+). A Google Alert is sent to me once per week of a compilation of articles/posts that are out there online. I choose to post 3 times per day so I vet and choose 3 articles, infographics, or memes that would be informative. Here’s an example:


Tip #2: Scheduling

Make it easy by scheduling your 3 Facebook posts for the day within Facebook. Set & Forget!

Now for the other places I post (Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+), there’s all sorts of auto-posting mechanisms out there but I choose to use Buffer (it’s FREE). Here’s a detailed article on adding the Buffer extension to your browser: Then you can Buffer articles, images, tweets, blogposts, almost anything.

Set-up your Buffer account and schedule your posts to post to the other networks. How-to’s are on the Buffer site.

Tip #3: Express Yourself!

Expressing yourself and your personality is a part of branding your business. Add your humor, experience, story telling, or viewpoint on a subject by introducing the content you’re curating. Or just add a commentary to the content to start a discussion.

Bonus Tip… Curate or Die: Why You Must Curate Content in 2015

Here’s a collection of curated content about….wait for it….Content Curation. You can see how this site uses curated content and provides you with a huge amount of information on how-to. And as always, if you need some help in getting started, I’m happy to help!


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