Good morning #WordpressWednesday! Let’s change up the sidebars on your site today. There are plugins for that or manual. Either way, here’s some help.


Back it up baby! Are you backing up your WP site on a regular basis or at least before you do a WP upgrade? Here are some plugins & rules to follow.

When using & placing an image on a blog page or post you will see places for Alt Text & Image Title. Ever wonder what’s the difference & how it affects your site?

Oh la la…more image information for your WP site. Optimize your images for SEO!

You have probably visited websites that featured automated (and annoying) live chat features — and for this reason many business owners don’t think about using the feature on their own site. There is a way to make it work without disrupting your website visitors experience. Here are five reasons live chat can help improve your conversions.