Contact Your List! How Newsletters Are Making A Difference NOW!

I know you have a list of emails that you can begin sending a newsletter! Here’s my strategy:

  1. Plan on sending 2 email newsletters per month. Check your statistics/insights on Facebook & Instagram and see when your followers/peeps are online. That’s when you should schedule to send.

    –One newsletter is about your business with promotions and sales. But the main/feature article needs to be something informative.

    –One newsletter is a lifestyle newsletter, something personal. Let them get to know you. Lots of images from your weekend trips, holidays, your pets, night out, brewery tour, roadtrips, trip to the park, exercising, profile an employee…and some written content about the images.
  2. Post to your blog! The content as well as the images.
  3. Post to social media in multiple ways.

    –Take one or several of the images and create a post for a day or two after sending the newsletter to your list. After all, the people that are on your list get special treatment. Encourage your social media followers to sign up for your newsletter to get the news FIRST! And the post content can be a copy of the first paragraph or snippet of the article. Make sure you link to the blog post.

    –For the next several months you can use parts of the newsletter to do social media posts. Take quotes from the article and make a graphic.

The Results!!!

My client Woodstock Inn B&B: we sent out a newsletter a week before Valentine’s Day 2020. The newsletter was noting the holiday and what ‘EXTRAS’ we had for the occasion, such as roses, chocolates, massages, and chocolate fondue. The rooms (10) were sold out within 24 hours, and they purchased EXTRAS also!

THIS is the power of a list of people that have chosen to hear from you and are interested in your product or what you have to sell.

Other types of newsletters:

  • “Letter-from-the-editor” or “Featured Article”
  • Special Discounts/Offers
  • Company News/Highlights
  • New Products/Offerings
  • Holidays
  • Events
  • Solicit Customer Feedback & Review
  • Share Reviews
  • Industry Info
  • Customer Success Story
  • Advice Column & Insider Tips
  • Blog Post Roundup
  • Create a Mix of any of these.
    • A featured article with sales, discounts, events at the bottom.

Email Service Providers:

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