Sell Gift Cards on your Website!

sell gift cards on your website | Kim McDaniels Digital Marketer

Gift cards allow your customers to purchase store credits and give it away to friends and family as a gift.

Sometimes customers also purchase gift card credits to use on later purchases for themselves.

Smart business owners use gift cards to boost revenue and improve cash flow.

Some businesses even discount their store gift cards during times of natural disasters and crisis situations, so they can collect more upfront cash to sustain their business in tough times.

Whether you have a restaurant, coffee shop, spa salon, or digital products like membership sites and online courses, you can sell gift cards to increase sales even during economic downturns.


I’ll give you 3 choices for selling gift cards:

  1. WordPress shopping cart plugin (Woo Commerce),
  2. WordPress gift card purchase form and accept payments
  3. a gift card platform that works on any website including WordPress (they’re waiving their 3.49% fee on your first $5,000 of gift card sales).

Yes you read that right…$50

Pay today and begin selling gift cards RIGHT AWAY!

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