Mobile Monday…October 13

Mobile Monday

Mobile banner ads are notoriously terrible. Consumers hate them and about 50% of the traffic they generate is accidental and amounts to nothing. That means only half of the traffic they draw actually wants to see your page—now, narrow that number down by the percentage of people that actually make a purchase. Are mobile banners worth your time? author: Adam Roseland #MobileMonday

If companies want to reach their target group in today’s world, they have to consider mobile marketing, as that is where users are spending their time.

Is your market teenagers? Nearly every teenager owns a phone, most of those being a smartphone of some kind. More than half of all online searches nowadays are conducted via mobile devices – that does not even include all of the Pinterest and Instagram scrolling occurring. Make sure that your business is accessible from a phone. If an app for your business is not possible at this point, then at least ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. author: Josic Media #MobileMonday

#MobileMonday tip: Almost 50% of Pinterest’s traffic comes from mobile devices like tablets. Is your website mobile friendly enough to handle this traffic when someone clicks through a pin to your website?

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